Perform manual validation of financial announcements (e.g., cash dividends, stock splits, mergers, tenders, etc…) and modify/create Corporate Action events based on review of automated/non-automated sources.


  •  Validate, compare, and analyze financial announcements from multiple vendor sources
  •  Ensure that the state of each record for each announcement becomes both clean and complete and ready for approval
  •  Add data to incomplete records and resolve in-conflict records using all available sources (e.g., data vendors, web sites, investor relations departments, stock exchange notices)
  •  Makes calls/inquiries to paying agents, depositories, companies to acquire/confirm data
  •  Gather and review Custodian data, using automated and manual means (i.e., swifts, email and telephone)
  •  Research all announcement cancellations
  •  Prepare audit trail of actions taken and file/record supporting documentation
  •  Research requests and provide product/referential data support
  •  Stay current with ongoing procedural changes


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