Dr Agnieszka Madurska

企业:Google London
课程:Challenges of the Internet (互联网的挑战)

Agnieszka grew up in Warsaw, Poland taking electronic equipment apart, putting it back together and always wondering why there were screws left. She moved to the UK in 2008 to read Computer Science at Imperial College London and graduated with a first-class Master’s degree and a distinguished final year project, four years later. Her research focused on statistical modelling and prediction of tennis match outcomes and she has co-authored a widely commented paper on the topic, published in Computers & Mathematics with Applications, international journal. During the course of her study she has done three internships with Google, including a 3-month placement in Mountain View, California. She joined Google London full-time in January 2013 as a Software Engineer for Google Maps for mobile and has subsequently moved to work with the Cultural Institute platform.

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