Steve Rathborn

部门:Learning and Development Centre, Head of Centre 帝国理工学院学习与发展中心 中心主任
课程:Team Building and Leadership Development (团队建设与领导力发展)

Steve is a chartered psychologist specialising in the development of effective leaders and productive teams. He has over twenty five years experience that spans line management positions, internal and external consultancy. Before joining Imperial College in 2003 he worked in the finance industry, was a senior executive in the Burton Group and joined PA Consulting in the early nineties. His clients included J. Sainsbury, the National Rivers Authority, Smith and Nephew, and Unilever. At Imperial he combines managerial responsibility for the Learning and Development Centre with working as an organisational development consultant supporting the development of leadership, motivation and improved cooperation by engaging as a coach and facilitator.

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